Sprachschule Aktiv Bonn - Learn German and foreign languages

Would you like to learn a new language or improve your language skills? Or would you like to learn the national language German? Then the Sprachschule Aktiv Bonn is the right place for you!
Learn with us in the centre of Bonn. Our experienced and native-speaking language teachers use state-of-the-art methods to help you improve your language skills quickly and effectively. Whether you are a beginner or your language skills are already advanced, you will find the right course with us.

At Sprachschule Aktiv Bonn, we place great value on a pleasant learning atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and motivated. We offer a variety of language courses, including English, German, Spanish, French and many other languages.
We offer courses at different levels. You can choose between individual or group lessons, depending on which learning method suits you better. Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable and productive learning environment so that you can achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.
We are also a telc certified school and offer relevant courses, such as exam preparation courses, and telc exams.

Contact us today to find out more about our language courses and prices. We look forward to helping you improve your language skills and achieve your goals!

German Intensive courses

German Intensive courses in Bonn – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

German evening courses

German evening courses in Bonn – for beginners & advanced learners

German private lessons

German private lessons in Bonn – at your home, online, in the office

Language visa for German

Language visa for German course in Bonn

telc German exams

telc German exams in Bonn

Health insurance German

Health insurance German learners in Bonn

Achieve fast results with our intensive courses in Bonn

Learn effectively and quickly with our intensive courses in the city centre of Bonn! Our courses are specially tailored to your needs and enable you to make great progress in the shortest possible time. Whether you want to improve your language skills or prepare for an exam, we offer you the right programme.

Achieve fast results with our intensive courses in Bonn

Our qualified teachers are native speakers and will support you in achieving your goals and provide you with advice and support. Through intensive exercises, targeted feedback and individual support, we ensure that you make rapid progress and achieve your goals. Our range of courses includes various languages as well as numerous subject areas such as business, tourism or culture. Whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge, you will find the right course for you.

Experience the success of our intensive courses and take the first step towards your personal goals. We look forward to welcoming you in Bonn!

Learn the language you want from A1 to C2

We offer language courses for beginners to advanced learners. As a beginner, you start with a level A1 course. This and all subsequent courses are based on the Common Framework of Reference for Languages. The final level is C2, which means a perfect command of the language. Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn and many other schools use this system, so you can switch from one school to the next without any problems.

The grading system makes course selection easy

Many of our participants do not transfer from another school, but have acquired their language skills by other means. In this case, assignment to a course is not so easy. We can help you find the right course. We have developed a placement test for important languages. You can take this test either online or in our offices in Bonn. Afterwards, you will know exactly your current level and we will assign you to the appropriate course.

If no placement test is available, one of our teachers will be happy to classify you.

Sprachschule Aktiv Bonn - Learn German and foreign languages

The lessons take place in small groups

Lessons at Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn take place in small groups of a maximum of ten participants. This has the advantage that you are constantly challenged throughout the lesson. You can participate in discussions or take part in role-plays. Our teachers make the lessons creative and entertaining.

With our evening courses you learn in a friendly environment

Traditional language lessons take place once a week. If you want to make faster progress, choose a course with two evenings a week. The group meets at the agreed time in our central location in Bonn or on the internet in the virtual classroom.

There is always time for personal conversations between the participants, so friendships develop quickly and often last long after the course. These courses are ideal if you want to learn the language for your next holiday trip.

With our evening courses you learn in a friendly environment

Sprachschule Aktiv offers you a choice of 40 languages

At Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn, you can choose from around 40 languages. If you are planning a holiday in Hungary at Lake Balaton or at the cherry blossom in Japan, it is no problem to learn the language of these countries. Even if your desired language is not listed, you should contact us. We have an extensive database of teachers in a wide range of languages. It is highly likely that we will find suitable teachers for your language.

A private teacher accompanies you on your language study trip in Bonn

Private lessons are wrongly considered expensive. Although the costs are higher, you must remember that this form of teaching is very effective. You are connected to the teacher in your flat alone or via the internet. No other classmates disturb the lessons and you do not have to compromise. Lessons take place once or (if desired) several times a week. You determine the lesson time and the topics.

Company courses in Bonn by Sprachschule Aktiv

All courses can also be booked as company courses. Our instructors come to your premises and teach your employees there, or optionally online or directly at our Language School Aktiv in the centre of Bonn. The courses are tailored to your requirements in terms of content and time. If you have specific time requirements, we will of course take this into account. There are no travel costs within Bonn. Outside the city, you pay a contribution towards expenses in the amount of the usual public transport fares.

A private teacher accompanies you on your language study trip in Bonn

Our teachers go through a multi-stage application process

Our teachers are important for your and our success. We take our time in the selection process and only those who exactly meet our expectations are allowed to teach at Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn. The first criterion we require is a mother tongue command of the respective language. In addition, applicants need a university degree in education, which enables them to design creative and lively lessons. Last but not least, we make sure that they are friendly and likeable teachers who make teaching fun.

Use the services of Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn

Use the services of Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn

Our team will accompany you every step of the way at Sprachschule Aktiv Bonn – from the initial consultation, through registration, to your language course.

Even after the course has started, we are always there for you. Discuss any problems with your teacher first. They will usually know a solution to the problem. If you are unsuccessful, please contact our service staff. We will help you in any case.

Register for the course you want today

If you have any further questions, it is best to contact us using the form on our website. Of course, you can also call us during normal business hours. Our staff will be happy to give you advice and help you choose the right course. We want you to be satisfied with our service and happy to expand your language skills with Sprachschule Aktiv.