Health insurance German learners in Bonn

It is of great importance that foreign language students in Germany have health insurance. If they are not already protected by compulsory insurance, they should seek suitable health insurance at an early stage before submitting their visa application. Valid health insurance is a prerequisite for applying for a visa in Germany. The application can be made online within a few minutes. However, it is advisable to find out about the different insurance options beforehand, as the scope of insurance can vary depending on the provider. By carefully selecting the right insurance, you can save a lot of money and still receive high-quality care. We are here to help you find the right health insurance plan. We work with a reputable and trustworthy provider.

Finding the right insurance

Finding the right health insurance is no problem. You simply go to the internet and immediately have countless providers to choose from. But this is where the problem begins, because which company offers the best value for money for you as a language student? A direct comparison is not always easy, because there are different rates. The language school Aktiv in Bonn has had good experience with the insurance company Care Concept. The company offers insurance for students and language students.

The requirements for health insurance

Our cooperation partner is the health insurance company Care Concept. The insurance is specially tailored to the needs of language students and offers tailor-made products. It can be taken out without any problems up to the age of 35. Language students worldwide who want to attend a language school in Germany or Austria can take out this insurance. The ideal protection while learning German.

The benefits of Care Concept

You receive the benefits you are used to from your health insurance, i.e. all necessary outpatient, dental and inpatient treatment. In the case of a visit to the dentist, it depends on the tariff you choose whether you have to make a co-payment and, if so, how much.

These are the costs you have to expect

With all tariffs, you get a good basic service that covers all important areas. The cheapest tariff is called Care College Basis and costs no more than 28 euros per month. With this tariff, co-payments are due more often. Care College Comfort offers somewhat more services for 35 euros a month. Finally, Care College Premium costs 63 euros per month. This tariff leaves hardly anything to be desired. Among other things, you will receive 100 euros for new glasses or other visual aids, and if you need a dental prosthesis after an accident, you will receive one worth up to 2,500 euros. In the event of a hospital stay, you will receive daily hospital allowance. You can find the exact conditions on the Care Concept homepage. The prices listed are valid for a maximum of 18 months. This is quite sufficient for a language course.

How to take out the insurance

You can take out Care Concept health insurance easily via the Internet. Fill in all the questions carefully. If you wish, you can combine the insurance with accident or liability insurance. After just a few minutes, you will receive the insurance documents in advance by e-mail and a few days later by post. When entering Germany, you should bring proof of health insurance with you, as this is often a prerequisite for entry.

Enjoy good treatment in Bonn

As you have seen, you only pay a very low contribution. Compulsorily insured employees pay several times that amount. With this favourable tariff, you have the advantages of a private patient.
Germany has a highly developed health care system. Many SHI patients only benefit from it in part, because many doctors do not prescribe innovative medicines to SHI patients. As a private patient, you always get the best treatment.

Even if you live in Europe and are insured through your home country, you should consider travel health insurance. In the event of a serious illness, your health insurance will not pay for a return transport to your home country, which can quickly become very expensive.