German private lessons in Bonn

Would you like to improve your German language skills but find it difficult to stick to a course schedule or go to a language school? Then our German private lessons at Sprachschule Aktiv in Bonn are the perfect solution for you! We offer tailor-made lessons that are adapted to your needs and learning goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, our experienced and qualified teachers will help you improve your language skills in a short time. With our private lessons, you can also decide where and when the lessons take place. We are happy to come to your home, office or offer online lessons so you can learn on the go.

Our German private lessons in Bonn are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn German quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information and to make an appointment!

When can I start my German private lessons?

You can start private lessons at any time.

What about the dates?

With a German private course, we are happy to adapt to your times.

How much do private German lessons in Bonn cost?

48 € per lesson from 10 up to 19 lessons
45 € per hour from 20 teaching units
40 € per hour from 50 teaching units
38 € per hour from 80 teaching units

Special offer! Up to three people pay the same price in a joint German private course.

Where do the German private lessons take place?

The German private lessons take place at our language school, at your home, in your office or online. The choice is yours!

German private lessons in Bonn - learn German in private lessons

Looking for a private German teacher in Bonn? German private lessons from A1 to C2 in Bonn with free trial lesson and placement test. Learn German privately at a reasonable price with qualified and experienced native speakers!

Private German courses in Bonn - when and where you want

Would you like a very special form of support while learning German? Then choose our private German lessons in Bonn and decide for yourself when and where you want the lessons to take place!

With us you are definitely at the right address. German private lessons in Bonn for beginners and advanced A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, up to the experienced student at level C2, we have the right private course and private teacher for German courses.

Our German teachers are geared to your level of knowledge. Beginners quickly learn the basics of the German language. Advanced learners have a variety of learning materials at their disposal. This makes learning German fun.

German private lessons - prices and registration

Your private German lessons are cheaper the more hours you book:

48 € per lesson from 10 up to 19 lessons
45 € per hour from 20 teaching units
40 € per hour from 50 teaching units
38 € per hour from 80 teaching units.

Save even more. Learn German in a small group. Up to three friends pay the same price for joint lessons.

Your advantages when you book a German private course with us

As you are the only participant in the course, your needs are the absolute priority. No matter what your goals are – whether you want to learn German for private use or to improve your career opportunities – there are special methods for all areas to optimise your language skills in these areas. Be it through appropriate vocabulary from the professional language German or corresponding role plays for everyday situations.

Schedule and choice of location for individual training in German

As already mentioned, it is up to you to decide on which course dates you would like to book the private course. You are free to choose any time of day – from early in the morning or in the afternoon and even on the weekend.

Learn German private lessons Bonn - with free trial lesson and placement test

To ensure that we meet your expectations, we offer you a free placement test. With the placement test we will find the right course for you.

Arrange a free online trial lesson so that we can convince you of our concept. You are not satisfied with our offer after the first course day? We are sorry. In this case you will get your money back – guaranteed. You do not have to pay for the lesson.

Looking for a German teacher in Bonn? - Find a private teacher near you!

Of course, you will receive a trained, native-speaking German teacher for your private German lessons. You can discuss with him or her in detail what you have in mind for the lesson. The teacher will be happy to draw up an appropriate syllabus for you and actively support you in your special project. Simply register for a free trial lesson and then decide whether our offer suits you!

Our language school specialises in private lessons

Sprachschule Aktiv places great value on excellently trained language teachers and we specialise exclusively in private lessons. The teachers of our German language courses are mostly native speakers. Many are academics and experienced in teaching. Our private teachers work with our participants with great pleasure and commitment. We attach great importance to modern and versatile methods. This guarantees quick and lasting learning success.

German private lessons for work, study...

Learn German in private lessons – flexible and effective! German private courses with qualified teachers who adapt to your everyday life. Learn German privately for your job, studies or holidays. We have the right German teacher for you!