Discover the beautiful city of Bonn and improve your German skills at the same time with our German courses including accommodation. Our experienced and qualified teachers will help you improve your language skills and communicate more confidently in everyday life.

German courses with accommodation in Bonn

Our partners in Bonn offer accommodation in the immediate vicinity of the German course location and a cosy home during your stay. You can concentrate fully on learning while getting to know the culture and history of the city of Bonn.

Our German courses are suitable for all language levels, from beginners to advanced. We offer both group and individual lessons to meet your individual needs.
Book a German course with accommodation in Bonn today and immerse yourself in the German language and culture!

These are the costs you have to expect

The prerequisite for accommodation is a minimum booking period of four weeks. Classes always take place in the morning from Monday to Friday. You can participate in the German courses as a beginner or advanced student. The courses in Bonn are based on the Common Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages. Depending on your previous education, you can start with a course at level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2.

Costs for a four-week German intensive course: 399 euros

Accommodation costs: Between 400 and 600 euros per month, depending on the type of accommodation.

Living with a host family in Bonn

For quick success in learning German, it is ideal if you live with a host family. You will have family contact, meet family members at meals and go on excursions together. You will often have the opportunity to practise the German language.

Living in a shared flat in Bonn

In a shared flat, the cohesion is not as close as in a host family. Nevertheless, you will have frequent contact with the other flatmates. You will meet them in the kitchen or in the common room.

Living in a student flat in Bonn

During the semester break, students like to rent out their flats to language students. In a student residence, you decide whether you want to meet other residents. It is recommended, because you can only learn German through contact with other people.

Living in a hotel or boarding house

This type of accommodation is not only very expensive, but not recommended. You will hardly meet other Germans and therefore have little opportunity to practise the German language.

How to make your language study trip to Bonn a success

First, determine your language level. Use the placement test on our website to do this. Then register for the appropriate intensive course. Contact us and let us know what accommodation you would like. Don’t wait too long, because the housing market in Bonn is not always easy and it can take some time to find suitable accommodation. Of course, we will always keep you informed about the progress.

We are not only there for you when you are looking for accommodation, but also for all other questions concerning your course and stay in Bonn. Our staff will look after you intensively so that your stay will be a memorable experience.

Decide on a language stay in Bonn

If you would like to take part in an intensive course in Bonn, but do not yet live in the city, you will need suitable accommodation for the period. The language school Aktiv in Bonn will be happy to help you find a suitable flat. We will find you accommodation with host families, student residences and shared flats. A special service offered by Sprachschule Aktiv is living with your teacher. You will not only be with the teacher during the lessons, but will also spend part of your free time with him or her. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. If you still have questions about language courses and finding a place to live in Bonn, just contact us. You can call us or contact us using the form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.